Why Self-Employment is the future of work

The industrial evolution

The last 250 years of Western civilization have been shaped by two major socio-economic revolutions: the industrial revolution and the technological one. The former cemented the foundations for modern capitalism by commoditising human labour and using mechanical innovation to increase efficiency. The latter is in its infancy, but has already made a huge impact in evolving the industrial blueprint even further to replace human labour with computer-driven systems. The problem is that the societal constructs that grew out of the capitalist workshops rely almost entirely on the creation of jobs. With technological automation we are hurtling headlong into a potential crisis, unless the system also evolves.

The algorithm economy

The impact of automation on the economies of advanced countries has been slowly expanding since around 1950, which through no small coincidence corresponds with the time when the modern computer was invented. The big industrial players of the 21st century are not the U.S. Steels or Fords of the world but the Apples, Googles, IBMs and Microsofts. Technology has firmly embedded itself at the heart of our modern economy and that trend is only going to continue.

CEO & Founder of Firedrop.

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