Why do some tech companies seem to hate their customers?

Have you ever tried submitting a support request to a major tech company? If you have, and you received a response, you are one of the lucky ones. Most of the time you will get completely ignored, even if you’re an advertiser. What the eff, Silicon Valley?

Google’s response to one of their customers ripping off another one of their customers

The numbers don’t lie

I decided to look into this, to see if there was any substance behind these anecdotal assumptions.

  1. Twitter: Terrible (19.6 out of 200)
  2. Google: Terrible (22.27 out of 200)
  3. Linkedin: Terrible (22.29 out of 200)
  4. Uber: Terrible (23.03 out of 200)
  1. Apple: Disappointing (47.37 out of 200)
  2. Netflix: Acceptable (73.08 out of 200)
  3. Asus: Acceptable (74.36 out of 200)
  4. Amazon: Acceptable (80.48 out of 200)

The customer is always expensive

One could argue that this is fair enough given that these platforms are free for users; it’s hard to justify spending money on customer service for users who won’t make you revenue. Right?

CEO & Founder of Firedrop.

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